• Business or partnership conflict

  • Custody and parenting time

  • Divorce

  • Guardianships for children

  • Guardianships for incapacitated adults

  • Legal Separation

  • Marital Settlement Agreements

  • Modification of spousal support, custody, and child support

  • Parenting Plans

  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

  • Separation Agreements 

  • Reconciliation Agreements

  • Stepparent adoption

  • Third party custody and visitation

  • Trial preparation, legal form review, and coaching for self-represented parties

Our Services Include Do-It-Yourself Services, Mediation, Collaborative Law,

Education, Financial Analyst Services and Negotiation

Do-It-Yourself Services

Representing yourself allows you to remain in charge of your case, while paying for limited legal assistance and support as needed. Some types of do-it-yourself legal assistance include:

  • Education about relevant laws and the legal process;
  • Legal advice on one or more issues;
  • Help choosing and completing state approved forms;
  • Drafting parenting plans;
  • Drafting court documents and legal agreements;
  • Writing letters;
  • Sending or responding to discovery requests;
  • Teaching sessions about representing yourself in court:
  • Other services as agreed;

We can work with you on one aspect of your case, or several.  For example, we can review court approved statewide family law forms before you file them; we can provide legal advice and information about the laws that apply in family law cases; and we can help you prepare for a hearing or trial.


Mediation allows you to work with an experienced attorney and mediator to make decisions about the things that are most important to you, such as your children, retirement, division of assets, and spousal support.  People who mediate are generally more satisfied with the outcome and less likely to need court intervention in the future, compared to people who have court trials.  Mediation is usually less stressful, less expensive, and takes less time than asking a judge to make decisions for you. In mediation, you, instead of judge, can:

  • Make decisions about your children, marital property, retirement planning, and debt;
  • Reach an agreement that is acceptable to all involved;
  • Set the pace, instead of being on the judge’s schedule;
  • Maintain control over how much the process costs.

Sharon Lee is a trained mediator and is approved by the Douglas County Circuit Court to provide court annexed mediation and arbitration.  As an impartial mediator, she works with participants to reach decisions acceptable to both. 

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a voluntary process, based on a commitment to resolve legal disputes out of court.  Both parties are represented by attorneys who move the case forward as a team intentionally geared toward settlement from the outset.  Collaborative law permits you to:
  •     Stay out of court and have an attorney;
  •     Work with a team to customize financial and custody agreements;
  •     Identify and address all your concerns, not just those recognized in a court proceeding;
  • Reduce financial, time, and emotional costs.

Sharon Lee is trained in collaborative law and works with other local attorneys, mental health specialists, and financial professionals to provide this process in Douglas County.

Additional information about collaborative law can be found at these websites:

Oregon Association of Collaborative Professionals: www.collaborativepracticeoregon.org

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals: www.collaborativepractice.com

Legal Information and Education

We provide information and education to individual clients or couples who are considering a divorce, are seeking information about how to plan for it, and would like information about what to expect.  We discuss:

  • Relevant laws;
  • The legal process in a family law case such as exchanging documents and court appearances;
  • Settlement options including informal “kitchen table” agreements, mediation, collaborative law, and court trials;
  • What to expect in terms of time and cost for each settlement option.

Financial Analyst Services

Having a good understanding of your financial reality is an important part of reaching a settlement and planning for your future. We can work with you to:
  • Understand your current financial situation;
  • Create financial scenarios to compare different property and spousal support options;
  • Make or analyze a financial settlement offer;
  • Make long term financial projections based on income, expenses, and assets;
  • Communicate financial information to the other party;



We work with clients to negotiate a settlement, or develop a case strategy, coordinating with a trial attorney. This allows us to focus on reaching an out of court settlement, while having a trial attorney waiting if needed. Examples of our services include:

  • Uncovering marital income and assets
  • Analyzing complex financial information to create a complete financial picture
  • Working with clients to achieve a just and proper division of income and assets
  • Providing clients with an accurate legal analysis
  • Negotiating with legal counsel for the other party

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